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the first anniversary of president obama's election. senior white house correspondent major garrett begins america's election headquarters coverage. >> president obama talked education in madison, wisconsin, but said nothing about election results that propelled republicans to victory in governors' races in new jersey and virginia. he also said nothing about the democratic victory and the special house election in upstate new york, but it was that triumph in new york's 23rd congressional district that senior advisor david axelrod seized upon in an interview with fox. >> the new york 23 race was the one race that was really a microcosm of the national debate. the other races in jersey, and in virginia were really state races, very much focused on state issues, and we think it sends a message to other democrats that when we stick together and we fight for the right things, we're going to do well. >> the white house, the republican national chairman and exit polls all agree. the results tuesday were not a referendum on president obama, but independent or young voters did not show up or voted
the obama administration's top legislative priority. >> this is a victory for the healthcare reform and other initiatives for the american people. from our standpoint, we picked up votes last night, one in california and one in new york. >> house republican leaders took a different view. >> i would just say to my democratic friends across the aisle, they ought to take note of these elections. the american people are not going to take to the negative kind of politics they're trying to practice here. >> just before 10:30 tuesday night, democrats posted 42 pages of final tweets to their already 2,000 page healthcare bill but the amendment made no mention of abortion, and thus contrary to tuesday's claims by a key committee chairman -- >> the abortion issue is one where we resolved the concerns. >> wednesday found an influential pro-life democrat still arguing that the bill does not go far enough to ensure as federal law requires that federal funds be kept separate from abortion funding. "i am disappointed," bart stupak told fox news in a statement "that the manager's amendment does not
, another governor's seat went gop. >> received a call from president obama who was exceptionally gracious and kind. >> quietly, democrats had to be a bit heartbroken. >> good morning. this is not quite the good morning i had hoped it would be. >> even if they put on a happy face. >> from my perspective, we won last night. >> appearances by president obama, bill clinton, joe biden, and al gore in the governors' races would indicate otherwise. they wanted to win badly, and voters simply did not bite. >> i think this is a signal that a better reconsider the direction of their policies. >> all this talk about the death of the party and it is over, it is crazy nonsense. >> the town hall meetings, the rallies. it is a real concern about this dangerous level of debt. >> exit polling showed more than half of the voters said president obama was not a factor in their decision. republicans insist it was a referendum, and they say if they can capitalize on these opportunities, that congress and even the white house will be in play. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> democrats came away with a big victory
. on the newshour this monday, the lead story: president obama in china, where he talked to students about freedom and censorship. >> the more information flows, the stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the other news of the day, we'll have a big picture look at u.s.-china relations, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american president. then, gwen ifill updates the general motors bankruptcy, as it announces plans to begin paying off its bailout debt to the federal government. elizabeth brackett reports on the debate about oil mined in canada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown talks to author robert edsel about his new book on art that was looted by the nazis in world war ii. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this
. last week, president obama's approval rating slipped -- with a packed show. he is now hovering around 80 to 39%. the question is why -- he is hovering around 39%. what about the rate of decline, karl rove? >> every president eventually he its 50% accepted john kennedy. -- its 50% -- hits 50% except john kennedy. he has done it faster and other than bill clinton and another. those are the only two presidents who got to 50% and quicker than he did, and you are right. he has got some real problems with independents, seniors, college educated -- who got to 50% quicker than he did. it does not bode well for the 2010 elections for democrats. greta: a huge number of white americans voted for this president. look at the number of votes he eventually won to be elected. what do we make of that? >> well, i think this has to do less with race than it has to do with the specifics of the issues. if you take a look at it, on the issues of the economy, jobs, afghanistan, he has deteriorated and is now upside-down. that is to say he has more people disapproving of his actions on those issues plus heal
>> sarah palin is back with her new book. president obama had a message about the freedom of speech during his visit today. plus, why these protesters were frustrated outside of goldman sachs today. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, "on your side." >>> it is already a big success, sarah palin's new book and there is speculations about a political future. >> she sat down with oprah today and now many people are wondering if she is just pushing her book or pushing her way to washington. >> political insiders note that her book tour stops looking lot like a political map. she is skipping the big book sales cities like washington, d.c., new york, and san francisco. in the interview, oprah asks her about her presidential plans and why she quit as governor. >> does that mean you are reloading for 2012? >> i am concentrating on 2010 and making sure we have issues tackled as americans to make sure -- >> are you thinking about it? >> no. >> voters were divided over 80 sarah palin presidency. >> if the guarantees a win for preside
. on the newshouthis monday, the lead story: psident obama in china, where he talkedo students aboutreedom and censohip. >> the more iormation flowsthe stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the otr news of the day, we'll have big cture look at u.s.-china retions, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american psident. then, gwen ill updates the general tors bankruptcy, as it anunces plans to begin paying off its bailout bt to the deral government. elizabethrackett reports on the debate about oil mined cada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown tal to authorobert edsel about his ew book on art that was loot by the nazis in rld war ii. major funding for the wshour with jim lehrer is pvided by: >> what theorld needs now is nergy. the energy tget the economy mming again. the energy to tackle cllenges like clate change. what if that energy me from an energyompany? every day chevron invests $62 millioin people, in ideas-- seing, teaching, building. fuelg growth around e world to moves all ahead. thiis the power of human eney. hevron. d by toyota. and monsanto. d by grant thornton. >>
of police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators and making several arrests. >>> president obama has a message for iran on this, the anniversary of that well-known hostage crisis. >> in a statement the president says iran needs to choose between focusing on the past or moving toward a brighter future. >> laura setrakian is in the mideast with a look at u.s./iran relations. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morng, jeremy and vinita. when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy, taking 63 americans hostage, they drove a wedge into u.s./iranian relations that's lasted more than 30 years. for 444 days the crisis continued. the hostage-takers called their captives guests of the ayatollah. they celebrated the embassy takeover as a victory against imperialism and the american super power. every year on the 4th of november iran's government commemorates the event with rallies against the u.s., the great satan in the eyes of the islamic revolution. this year the scene is more complicated. iran's government is railing against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over it
? the obama state dinner was a hot ticket. >> cheers. >> reporter: so hot, that two reality tv stars apparently crashed the party. the socialites from the show "the real housewives of washington" were announced. but the white house says they were not invited, marking what appears to be the first time in modern history anyone has crashed a state dinner. photos published on their facebook page show the couple with high-profile guests, like vice president joe biden and chief of staff, rahm emanuel. the secret service is looking how the couple got past security. one official said, these individuals went through magnetometers. they reportedly left before seated for dinner. lying to the secret service could bring a felony charge. it didn't clear how close the salahi's got to the president or the first lady. they were clear to be at the dinner. and they went through five security check points. we'll have much more on this story later on "good morning america." >>> when president obama makes his case for more u.s. troops to afghanistan next week, he'll be doing so from the military academy a
are taking you onto the white house red carpet, the politics, fashion and food at the obamas' very first state dinner. >> thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spared. >> next stop, disneyland. first, it was the presidential pardon, now it is first class to disney, a parade and happily ever after. this is one lucky turkey on thanksgiving. the big picture starts now. >>> still that weird thing off his mouth, how lucky is? he good afternoon, i'm jeff rossen. david has the day off. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the holiday travel and the big picture, the troubled economy is changing the way millions of americans travel on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. more than 38 million people are traveling right now for the thanksgiving holiday. a majority of those are on the road. aaa says the economy is a big reason for that choice, families looking for cheaper alternatives are taking a toll on the nation's air linesful thanksgiving air travel dropped a staggering 25% since 2007. at chicago's o'hare airport
guest list. while they were in the same room as the president, mrs. obama and the indian prime minister it is not clear whether either of them met the guest of honor or the obamas. >> this was called to the attention of the secret service by press inquireys. everybody entering the white house for the dinner, including the salahis went through magnatometers. the couple are candidates for the television show "real housewives of washington." >> what a story. thank you very much. we turn to some other news on this thanksgiving morning. we're learning more about president obama's war strategy for afghanistan. ahead of his announcement next week, the president will address the nation tuesday from the military academy at west point in new york. he is expected to send 30,000 more troops afghanian to join the 68,000 already there. lawmakers plan to hold a hearing on the strategy the day after the speech. police are investigating a forced entry home invasion in gaithersburg that ended with a shooting in the parking lot. police say a man returned to his home on crestwood drive last night and found
whether the couple interacted with president obama or india's prime minister, who was guest of honor. there was no threat of danger to the president, because the couple went through the same metal security checkpoints as other guests. >>> well, nbc news has learned new details ahead of president obama's upcoming announcement on the u.s.-led strategy in afghanistan. officials say the president has, in fact, come to a final decision on a number of additional troops that will be september to the country. until yesterday, aides said the president was still weighing his options. the military expects the number of added forces to come in around 30,000. as the president seeks to sell his strategy to a skeptical public, the white house says the u.s. will not be in afghanistan eight years from now. >>> for millions of americans, thanksgiving means a few simple things, family, food, and a famous parade. today marks the 83rd annual macy's thanksgiving day pare where music, marching and some giant balloons are getting ready to take off. nbc's michelle franzen joins us live in manhattan for a sne
and ended near the day's best levels. >> susie: president obama will be in copehnhagen next month for the global climate summit. he will face many pressing questions including how much money will the u.s. contribute to help developing countries fight climate change? the answer's not yet known. but we do know that obama will unveil a plan to cut greenhouse gasses by 2020. specifically a commitment to cut emissions by 17% over the next decade. another pressing issue for president obama: afghanistan. the white house said today the united states will not be in afghanistan for another eight or nine years. that word as the administration lays the groundwork for president obama's announcement on tuesday of a new war strategy. darren gersh takes a look at a question many are asking: how much will the new strategy cost. and what will it mean for the economy? >> reporter: in iraq and afghanistan total spending is on pace to hit $1 trillion by the end of the 2010 budget year. our annual defense spending has not been this high since world war ii. but weighed against our gross domestic product
to the polls. independents who backed obama last november voted two to one for bob mcdonnell. virginia is overwhelming voicing their support for bob mcdonnell and the gop. is the first time in 12 years republicans have swept all offices. >> thank you. >>> republicans are also in charge of the other top two seeds. bill bolling gathered 56% over jody wagner. and in the attorney general race, ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over democrat steve shannon with 50% of the vote. >>> republicans also captured the other race, in new jersey. chris creasing it beat jon corzine with nearly 49% of the vote. he is the first republican to win a statewide contest in that heavily democratic state. the democrats managed to pull off a win in new york's 23rd congressional district. doug hoffman lost with about 49% of the vote. republican dede scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the democrat and still picked up six% of the te. >>> we have complete coverage of all races. lock onto wjla.com. >>> a tragic end for three college softball players. the women were found dead last night. their jeep was pu
, president obama arrived in japan. this was the president's first trip to asia as president. during his trip, he'll visit china, singapore and south korea. mr. obama and the japanese prime minister expected to discuss the marine base in okina as well as the climate and afghanistan. >> this morning the parents of the so-called balloon boy are expected to plead guilty. both richard and mayumi heene turned themselves in at a larimer county courthouse in colorado. both are expected to plead guilty to false reporting to authorities which is a misdemeanor. richard is also pleading guilty to felony charges of attempting to influence a public servant. according to reports, the plea deals will ensure that mayumi heene is not deported back to japan. to maryland now where federal authorities are trying to seize a mosque and a building rented by the islamic education center in rockville. it's part of a nationwide seizure of properties owned by alavi foundation. the government claims it's funneling money to a bank involved in iran's nuclear program. >>> in the district, two employees of the togo embassy
years. a loss for corzine will not look good for president obama. republican dede scozzafava dropped out of that race over the weekend and then she tossed her support before democrat candidate bill owens, hoping to defeat the conservative candidate. there also local elections. for complete results, stay with abc 7 and news channel 8. >>> the deaths of two teenagers has left the city of triangle, , , in shock. it happens act oakdale circle. -- it happens at oakdale circle. matt brock has more. >> the girl's father came home and found the bodies. police would not say for sure if it is a murder-suicide, but it does look that way. a tragedy. inside this home on oakdale circle, a father discovered a parent's worst nightmare, the body of his teenage daughter and a teenage boy. >> she lived there with her father. he came home and discovered the bodies. >> police say they forest park high school were shot together in an upstairs bedroom. police did not believe anyone else was involved. >> we're not looking for a murder suspect here. >> neighbors say the girl and her father were relatively new to
you to set your tv sets, because we know exactly when president obama is going to announce his strategy decision for afghanistan, and there's only one remaining question. how many more u.s. troops are going to go to war? well, this guessing game is under way, but we do have a few things that we do know. there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan right now, and a defense official who is in the know says the pentagon expects orders to send another 34,000 troops which actually means more than 102,000 american troops could be fighting this war. now whether or not this equation is accurate, well, that's going to be revealed in the next couple of days by the president, but i want to go straight to our cnn white house correspondent dan lothian. obviously, dan, this is a decision that he has made. we're hearing all kinds of things about the troop levels. what is he going to lay out for the american people in the days ahead? >> reporter: first of all, as you know, this is highly anticipated, and it been circulating for days that this announcement would be made soon. now the white house
how a wealthy washington area couple crashed president obama's first white house state dinner with no ticket at all. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: well-known on the d.c. social register for their activities on the party circuit. how did this husband and wife manage to talk their way into the president's state dinner honoring india's prime minister on it tuesday evening? that's the big question around washington. secret service spokesman ed donovan said the president was never in any danger and that the party crashers went through the same security screening as the more than 300 people who were actually invited to the dinner. but the fact that they made it in at all raises serious questions about security. >> they are totally overloaded. they bow to pressure from the white house or from candidates to just let people in. >> reporter: the salahis posted pictures on their facebook fan page. mooik and he will posed with vice president joe biden, the mayor of washington, d.c. and other dignitaries and stars at the ept. they were in the same room with the president and the fir
of this great state. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail himself to give deeds and corzine an extra boost. despite the losses, more than half the voters said it had nothing to do with president obama. it was one year ago today where a record number of voters carried president obama to his historic victory. they did in the all turn out this time around. >> the people that came out to vote for president obama in 2008, young people and african- americans were not there. >> reporter: the key now for democrats may be reenergizing those voters in time for the mid term mid-term elections next year. in washington, whit johnson, wjz eye witness news. >>> a record win for mayor bloomberg last night. many voters expressed anger over his big campaign spending. bloomberg changed term limit laws to stay in office. he will be the first third-term mayor. >>> and the win in maine where voters shot down the law for same sex marriage. we have more on wjz.com. >>> we are checking out a police-involved shooting in cecil county in the town of northeast. a 50-year-old man was throwing rocks at pa
room as the president, mrs. obama and the indian prime minister it is not clear whether either of them actually met the president. >> the secret service said the president was never in danger. the salahi's are candidates for bravo's show the real housewives of washington. in fact, they have had some cameras following them already. >> matt, thank you very much. in other news now we are learning more about president obama's war strategy for afghanistan. ahead of his announcement next week, the president will address the nation tuesday. he is expected to send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to join the 68,000 already there. lawmakers plan to hold a hearing on the strategy the day after he makes that speech. police are investigating a home invasion that ended with a shooting in parking lot. police say a man returned to his home on crestwood drive and found two men in his home who were wearing ski masks. the suscts took off and shots were fired. the man was taken to the hospital and treated then released. >> 59-year-old james bea was electrocuted yesterday at the scene of the break onakle
family. >> president obama in the first family taken in a college basketball game. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> investigators are still searching for answers about the crash involving tiger woods. the golf superstar and his wife still have not talked to the police about what happened early yesterday morning when it tiger woods crashed into a tree. >> florida highway patrol officers arrived at tiger wood'' house saturday trying to question him about his bizarre car accident. the police say he hit a fire hydrant and a treat while driving his cadillac suv out of his driveway at 2:30 friday morning. these exclusive photos show the damage to the car. >> his wife came out of the house when she heard him hitting the fire hydrant, used a golf club to break out the rear window to gain entrance to the vehicle, removed him from the vehicle, and laid him on the streets. >> officers came within minutes. >> he had lacerations and blood on his lip. and he was treated and released from the hospital in good condition. >> still, questions remain. >> it
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> washington gets dressed up for the obama's first state dinner. stars from hollywood and baliwood. and special menus for the guest of honor. >>> flying sick. why dprs expect a resurgence of swine flu. >>> and last dancer. a surprise win on "dancing with the stars." see who had the best moves on this wednesday, november 25th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. well, it was the hottest ticket in washington last night. the first state dinner of the obama administration. the dinner honoring india's prime minister had plenty of traditional prompt and protocol. but the obamas spiced things up with the guest list and the menu. viviana hurtado has more on the star-spangled night. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the white house wanted everything, the menu, the colors, the entertainment to be the best of the u.s. and india. the president and first lady greeted their most important guest, the prime minister of india and his wife, at their first state dinner. the toast began hindi. then, with lifted glasses, bot
" this wednesday: the lead story: president obama announces he'll go to the global climate summit, while a new study shows cutting emissions will make people healthier. judy woodruff and ray suarez have our coverage. then, after the other news of the day, margaret warner explores the military options for the u.s. in afghanistan. paul solman reports on the gold rush of 2009, as the value of the dollar plummets. >> if you're worried about inflation, if you're worried about the u.s. government not being able to pay its debt, if you're worried about worrying >> lehrer: and jeffrey brown gets the latest on toyota's recall of more than four million cars and trucks. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. ♪ >>
to the airport. >>> president obama made a big promise about afghanistan and he's shooting for a goal that's been elusive since day one of the war. >>> some doctors will go casual when it comes to work attire. why some hospitals are saying no more ties. >>> first, though, i'm grateful to have you with us today, speaking of thanksgiving. the travel rush is on today. you may be surprised more people are traveling this year than last year. about 38.5 million people are expected to head out for the holiday weekend. listen to this, though. air travel is expected it drop. rain could slow things down for some of you. not everybody. so listen up. bob is going to have the thanksgiving forecast in a matter of seconds here -- well,a matter of minutes. >>> you may be one of the millions of people up early looking at the black friday deals online. melissa long is in for jennifer as she tells you about a huge spike in traffic to these black be friday websites to try to put it all together for you. >>> good morning, good morning. it's another indicator retailers could have a big day on friday. there's a researc
of the roadway. lanes have also been closed on a larger freeway. >>> president and mrs. obama hosted their first state dinner at the white house last night. the early buzz seems to indicate it was a pretty smashing success. >> state dinners are steeped in tradition but the obamas came up with their own modern touches. john hendren joins us from washington with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: officially, it was a tribute to india. president obama's debut state dinner was also a tribute to hollywood, bollywood, and washington. it was a bit like an intimate dinner party for nearly 340 of president and first lady obama's closest friends. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our beam. >> reporter: it was also democratic with a small "d." they held it in a tent, squeezing in twice as many on the south lawn as would have fit in the state dining room. >> even with a big white house like the white house there are only so many people we can invi invite. >> reporter: politicos like senator john kerry and house speaker nanc
, partying a little too. they swept yesterday's tight gubernatorial races. last year president obama was the first democrat to win in virginia in more than four decades. then in new jersey, incumbent jon corzine lost to republican chris christi. mr. obama campaigned hard for corzine, trying to help him. both parties spoke to cnn about this. >> last night was an example of what happens when elected officials and others don't pay attention and don't listen to what people out there are saying. we're listening and we're paying attention at the gop, and we're going to build off last night and hopefully bring more victories home last year. >> i think you need to read these as local races with local concerns. that's traditionally been the way these races have gone in the years after the presidential race. but the president is quite popular in both new jersey and virginia. >> watching those two gop wins, democrats still made some election history, a big upset in new york and the wider implications, what it means to you. >>> now to a missing pregnant woman that has been found dead, her body d
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be an ominous development for the-year-old obama administration. republicans were elected governor last night in two important states. but other than preferring both candidates to the democrats were voters across the country last night trying to say something else? there is evidence of an angry electorate out there. and we begin here tonight with our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. hey, chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. you know, in the days leading up to this election the white house tried to downplay its significance. but when the results came in, the white house suddenly responded quickly, as if to say message received. more than any other issue the economy was what was in front of voters' minds yesterday. >> thank you. >> reporter: 85% of virginia voters and 90% of new jersey voters said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy. it's what propelled republicans bob mcdonnell and chris christie to their victories in both states. >> everybody is worried about the economy. of course they are. we're in the worst econ
in uniform. >> president obama took part in the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington cemetery. it is reserved for those who have died in iraq and afghanistan. >> kris van cleave is live at the marine war memorial with more. >> there are a lot of people recognizing veterans day, coming to the memorials, parades across the country. we spent the day with veterans to see the day through their eyes. for a veteran, veterans day means a lot. [taps plays] 1 a day with a weeping heavens, we stop to remember those who served. those who fall. those who died. >> the number is too great to say thanks. we are forever grateful. >> this veterans day is the first time these vietnam vets have made it to the wall, bearing the names of 32 friends and people who did not come home. >> it is tough. this is really heart wrenching. many of these people could have had a big impact on america today, they made the ultimate sacrifice. the >> is woman honored her son who died in iraq. >> this is a day to honor our veterans. we cannot help but think of our children. >> this officer spe
to hire or rehire. president obama signed a stimulus bill that will give out of work americans 14 extra weeks of unemployment benefits and also extends the first-time home buyers a tax credit until june. >>> coming up, it is a working weekend for congress, and health care is the only thing on the agenda. >> 900 doses of the swine flu vaccine are now considered unusable. >> if you commute to tysons corner, there is a new way to get to where you are going. >> if you think it is getting cold outside, wait until tonight. >>> president obama will make a special visit to capitol hill. >> rebecca cooper has the latest on the debate. >> the session wll still take place but with no final vote on the bill. the visit from president obama planned for today got postponed and is tentative for tomorrow. with angry conservatives out in force at the capitol this week, democratic house leaders say they are close but do not have the votes needed to pass health care reform. republicans insist the demonstrators are proof that they do not want this bill. >> nancy pesi is trying to force this bill. >> anythin
taking this combination of medicines. >>> president obama heads to southkortoday, the last stop on his asia trip. before leaving china the white house announced president obama invited president hu to visit washington next year and the chinese president had accepted. the visit will allow a cooperative relationship between the two countries to further develop. >>> away from the presidential spotlight, secretary of state chinese counterpar morning over breakfast.ty about closer cooperation on ke issues including northkorea's nuclear program and the situ in pakistan. >>> the pentagon is expected to launch an investigation into how all branches of the military keep an eye on potential problem members. into possible misse signals in members. into possible misse signals in the case of major nidal hasan, the pentagon investigation would focus on personnel policies and the availability of mental health care for troubled service members. wu is website it set up to track in jobs created by federal stimulus money. the site was riddled with reports of new jobs in districts that did though
are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true there can be no agreement without china and india. but i'm convinced once we and europe and america show ourselves ready to adopt binding agreements, we will also be able to persuade china and india to join in, and then in copenhagen we shall be able to overcome this wall separating the present and future in the interest of our children and grandchildren, and in the interest of sustainable development all over the world. ladies and gentlemen, i'm convinced just as we found the strength in the 20th century to bring about the fall of the wall made of concrete and barbed wire, we shall now show the necessary strength to overcome the wal
this afternoon, president obama called pollin generous, committed and said he was proud to have abe pollin as a friend. >>> we know the details of the funeral for abe pollin. friday at 11:30 at the washington hebrew congregation located at 3935 mccomb street in northwest washington and it will be open to the public. >>> a local soldier who was killed in the shooting at ft. hood was laid to rest with full military honors today at arlington national cemetery. major caravejo w an army psychiatrist from woodbridge preparing to deploy to afghanistan when he was killed november 5th. he was 52 years old and is survived by his wife and five children. >>> there is a massive recall from the world's largest automaker to tell you about. toyota says it needs to replace the gas pedals in nearly 4 million of its cars and trucks. those gas pedals can get stuck causing sudden acceleration and sometimes deadly results. krislacken has the latest. >> reporter: a gas pedal like this one stuck in the floor mat caused alexiso reach speeds of 120 miles per hour. it slammed into an suv, launched off an embankment
, president obama, al gore. it seemed like it just was not enough regardless of what kind of show they put on and it seemed like creigh dee never really hit his stride. here is what he had to say. >> we lose an election but we do not give up. we still have flight, spirit, and things to say. there are still people that need a voice, and we are going to give them that voice. >> bob mcdonnell would not say it tonight, but his surrogates sure would. they used the word "referendum." one told me that all of this talk that the gop was dead, he said that it is "crazy talk." he said this election indicates there is a different story out there tonight. >> thank you, scott several other key races were decided in virginia as well. >> the next lieutenant governor will also be a republican. bill bolling defeated democrat jody wagner. bolling has 56% of the vote. >> ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over steve shannon. >>> the new jersey governor did what he could to hang onto his seat, but in the and it was not enough. chris christie has been declared the winner there. christie up 49%. >>> ton
♪ >>> the nation remembers 13 heroes killed at fort hood. how president obama remember them. a new reas for heartbreak as another of local marine loses his life overseas. first, a sniper's date with death. john allen muhammad guess the ultimate punishment. >> he was pronounced dead. >> our live coverage starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >>> the man behind our sniper attacks is now dead. john allen muhammad was executed for the horrific stream of random attacks. we were there when he was given a lethal injection. jay korff has reaction from just moments ago. >> we are told that at8:58, john allen muhammad entered the death chamber. he said nothing. by 9:11 p.m., he was pronounced dead. >> the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out. >> a seemingly calm john allen muhammad into the death chamber at the correctional center and was strapped onto a gurney. >> he was asked if he would wish to make a last pavement. he did not make any statement whatsoever. >> moments later, dozens of witnesses watche
fighclimate change? the answer's not yet kno. but weo know that obama will unveil a plan to cut greenhoe gasses by 2020 specifical a commitment to cut emissions by7% over the next cade. anothepressing issue for president obama: afghanist. thwhite house said today the united states will not bin afghistan for another eight or nine years. that word as thedministration la the groundwork for prident obama's announcement onuesday of a new war strategy. darren gersh takes a looat a question many are asking: ho much will the nestrategy cost. and what will it mean for e economy? >> reporter: in iraqnd afghanistan total spding is on pace to hit $1 tllion by the end the 2010 budget year. our annual defensepending has not been this high since wor war ii. but weighed ainst our gross domestic product theroadest measure of ecomic activity anthony cordesma an adviser to the state department and pentagonays the wars in ghanistan and iraq are not a undue burden. >> with two wa and that includes still an iraqffort which is much more expensi than the afgn effort, the burden on thamerican economy is a littl
. >>> president obama will host a jobs summit. the white house will gather ceos and small business owners along with financial experts and labor union representative to talk about the best way to get people working again. the number of new unemployment filings and freclosures dropped in october, good news, whenever the federal deficit has reached an all-time high of $176 billion. >>> after meeting with the national security team, the president wants changes to allow more options for the net states in afghanistan. the president left today for an eight-day trip to asia. but house press secretary said the president will approved a plan on how to get troops out by the decision is still weeks away. >>> coming up, the police say that the fort hood shootings were premeditated and what president obama once done now with the investigation. >> the police arrest three suspects in a string of gold dust. >> the storm watch coverage continues and what to expect so what comes mind when we switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv looks like new. uh, awesome? actually, i want to talk about how i get $150 back?
into president obama's state dinner at the white house and mingling with the guests, all the way up to the vice president. questions are swirling tonight and investigation is under way. we will have all of the late-breaking details. >>> also tonight, as the president gets ready to send more troops to afghanistan, the "raw politics" of that decision. will democrats support it? will republicans, many of whom backed the war, also back the president? and can a sharply divided country come together over this difficult issue? >>> and later, up close. the bargains this black friday might bring and what you should avoid like the black plague. >>> but first, breaking news. last night state dinner at the white house turns out it's tonight's history making security breach, one that demands a lot of answers from the white house, the secret service and president obama's inner circle. it's about this couple. they posed for pictures. they were announced. they mixed and mingled at last night's dinner, and basically they had a ball. the big problem is they were not invited. they were not on the guest list. they
killers, murders, and could have done considerable damage to obama or joe biden. obama is the last person you want to be taking chances with because threats against him are up 400% since he became president. >> the pair claims they are part of an upcoming reality show called the real housewives of washington. the network that is going to air the show would not comment. >>> if you're waiting for the family to come in or thinking about leaving out late tonight for the thanksgiving holiday, lets take a quick look at some of the transportation routes. we're live at reagan airport, with you officials estimate about a million people will pass through, but that number is lower than last year. here is a picture of i-95, and the traffic is moving, and that's good news. a quick look at i-66, and tonight, there doesn't seem to be any reason for back ups. traffic is moving well. there could be overnight driving problems, so we'll check in with our chief meteorologist. >>> the entire metro area is under a dense fog advisory until tomorrow morning at 9:00. a couple things to remember with dense fog, it
the obama administration wants to take over the regulations for subway and light rain systems. the crashes show that the states agencieies aren't doing a good enough job. >>> a new parking garage will open this morning at the station in northeast washington. the garage can hold up to 333 vehicles. it replaces a parking lot with the same number of spots. >>> we have a commuter alert for vre riders this morning. they will have full service this morning. fredericksburg line trays were supposed to be delayed this morning because of work. >>> we haven't been able to say this on a monday morning for a while, but the redskins won. they beat the broncos, 27-17. it was the first time this season they have scored more than 17 points. lindsey is going to show us what happened. >>> repaying all of the bailout billions. >> you think your credit card bills are high. >>> plus, learning more about sarah palin's new book. who is calling it, now, a work of fiction. >>> and seeking a higher power. >>> time for weather and traffic on the ones. now at 5:11, a clear sky. a little bit of fog in fed rick county.
. >>> president barack obama president obama is expected to announce he is sending 25,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. the new deployments would probably start next year. >>> another day of rain in the city of baltimore. unfortunately it doesn't look any better for the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. jessica starr joins us with all the good news in our skywatch forecast. >> rain, rain go away, come again another day with all the holidays travel out there. we're dealing with another round of showers out there. overnight the main concern for us is going to come the fog that's going to be pretty thick out there. if you are traveling in the midwest, rain showers through chicago o'hare through detroit and ohio valley. look at florida. you think you're going to get some sunshine in florida? think again. these two areas of low pressure systems are going to make their way into your region. back home here you can see a blanket of clouds, a little bit of clearing overnight tonight but those clouds are going to back up. if you are traveling tonight there's a little bit of a delay out of new york a
obama, michelle obama, their daughters, and michelle obama's mother all stopped at martha's table to pass out holiday food. robert gibbs said the community service is in a bomb a family traditn. >>> -- is an obama family tradition. >>> tonight, an early dinner was held at a church in laurel. cynne simpson was there. >> serving up everything, from turkey to stuffing to mashed potatoes, the conservation of laurel church assembly of god prepared and served the meals, called simply delicious. >> it is great to be here. >> he and his mother have had a tough year. >> we're staying in a shelter right now. we were invited. >> food and fellowships left them focused on what they have, family. >> it is worth it to help the people who really needed, and the smiles on their face and the gratitude. >> the pastor says he is getting more calls than ever before from people struggling to get by. >> we have had more people say they need help. >> they dug deep to provide this mail and others throughout the holiday season. >> $25 gift card, and another prize was $10. about this volunteer says it is no
. at the white house this morning, president obama said the entire nation is grieving. >> so from now until veterans day, i've ordered the flags at the white house and other federal buildings to be flown at half-staff. this is a modest tribute to those who lost their lives even as many were preparing to risk their lives for their country. >> reporter: aides said the president will attend a memorial service at fort hood. in the meantime, the victims were remembered on the house floor today. >> our entire country mourns the losses of those who passed and were killed and are praying for them at this very, very sad time. >> reporter: and flags were lowered at the white house, capitol, and around washington, as well as in killeen and at fort hood. >> woodward: much more also emerged today on the accused gunman, major nidal malik hasan, a native of the washington, d.c., area. ray suarez reports on that part of the story. >> reporter: this mosque in silver spring, maryland, was hasan's spiritual home, in the region where he spent much of his young professional life. dr. asif qadir works at a medic
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